The Same Company You've Always Known...
Now Even Better


The Clearfield Mutual Insurance Company is a One Hundred and Six year old (106) Company providing personal lines insurance products to its members in the State of Pennsylvania.

During 2014 the Clearfield Mutual Insurance Company underwent substantial changes in management in order to enhance its prospects in a competitive and changing insurance marketplace while continuing its’ profitability. A new Senior Management group and Board of Directors were appointed to focus on addressing compliance issues and expansion of the Company’s geographic reach.

The Company’s underwriting rules and risk selection criteria are based on conservative philosophies derived from years of experience accumulated by the Company’s management and staff, and from underwriting guidelines of companies that have been successful in the regional marketplace.

Since there are a limited number of full time employees, the Company relies heavily on outside consultants and advisors to provide technical assistance and support. This permits the Company to operate its service and administrative functions more efficiently. In addition, complete or partial outsourcing of selected services occurs in order to maintain the high level of competency standards expected in today’s marketplace.