The Same Company You've Always Known...
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Our History

The Clearfield County Grange Mutual Fire Insurance Company was organized in 1910 via charter by a special act of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The present name was adopted in 2015. The Company has had various office locations throughout the Borough of Clearfield and the home office has been in its present location since 1996.

Past Presidents

Peter Gearhart 1910-1930
Edgar Henry 1931-1933
A. A. Bell 1933-1940
Oden Gearhart, Sr. 1940-1952
Joseph Dixon 1952-1966
Thomas Dixon 1966-2006
Joseph Lemmon 2006-2014
James Gardner 2014- Present


Past Secretary/Treasurers

Oden Gearhart, Jr. 1953-1991
Randall Guthrie 1991-2015
Mark Werkley 2015-Present (Secretary)
Keith Ulsh 2014-Present (Treasurer)